Sunday, December 17, 2006

Impending Christmas from Jennica's viewpoint

This blog is my estimate of what Jennica is thinking and feeling, based on her recent activities. :)

1) Mom and Dad put a tree in our house, covered it with bright lights and shiny things and expect me to stay away from it? Yeah right......

2) Mom and Dad wrapped PRESENTS and put them under the tree and want me to stay out of them. How stupid can they be? If they wanted me to stay out of them, why did they put them UNDER the tree where I can get to them?

3) I've got this cool new red dress, but even cooler is this net thingy underneath it that goes way out when I spin really fast. I'd really like to show everyone I meet this cool net thingy, but Mom and Dad call it "flashing" and don't seem to like it. Too bad!!!

We'll see what else she gets into in the next week...It could get interesting.....

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I'm going to the Nutcracker!!

I got a phone call the other day asking me if I was interested in a "day trip" and I'm SO excited!! I get to go to The Nutcracker in Seattle!! I've wanted to go for years, but have always been out-voted by the three males in the house. Since the other two females aren't old enough to vote yet, I've lost every time....

But everyone keeps laughing at my adventure when I tell them that I'm being chaffeured to Seattle in a big yellow school bus and I'm being accompanied by 60+ fifth and sixth graders plus some other parents and teachers. Seems that people don't think that 10-12 year olds are going to be real attentive to the production. Hmmm........They may be right. However, I refuse to be swayed and I'm going to go and have a GREAT TIME!!

So why did the school call ME? Do I have "sucker" tattooed across my forehead? Hmmmm.....

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Good Riddance November!

Any of you that check my blog regularly may have been wondering where I've been lately. Or not!! Hee hee hee. Whether you want to know or not, I'm going to tell ya!! (Once again, I remind you that you are here voluntarily.......)

As I've already mentioned Mike and I went to Seattle overnight over Veterans Day weekend. Prior to that, I had taken a day off ALL BY MYSELF and gone shopping out of town just for a day. We hardly broke the bank during either of these trips, but it is rare for us to do two things like this back-to-back simply "for the fun of it."

So.......I guess you could say that in the middle of this month, I felt like maybe I needed to take on more work than I normally would have to make a little extra and atone for our expenditures. So as the appraisal orders kept coming and the phone kept ringing, I kept saying, "YES!" Big mistake, huge.......GI-NORMOUS!

Up until Thanksgiving, I was sailing along happily in denial as to what I had done to myself. But after Thanksgiving, the bell tolled loudly and I was shackled to my desk for my sins. I honest to goodness NEVER want to repeat a month like November. I'm simply not greedy enough to lower my quality of life to the extreme of working those kinds of hours!!

Finally, at 11 pm on Friday, DECEMBER 1st, I completed the last order that had been due in November. Only 24 hours late, technically speaking. My tendons in my wrists are still aching tonight, Sunday evening, from the stress of hours spent at the keyboard last week.

So........moral to the story?? GREED does not pay!! Not to me anyway!! I was happy to usher in December, which is already much slower, as the market tends to lull this time of year a bit.

So you can picture me, with huge bags under my eyes and my hair still smoking from being on fire that last week and LAUGH!!! The office is CLOSED, until Monday morning at 8 a.m. and will be closing promptly at 5 p.m. No more 16+ hour days!! At least not until I forget how awful it was the last time...