Saturday, April 28, 2007

MIA from blogging

One of my sisters told me a while back that she and our other sister had decided they could tell when I was really busy by how often I was updating the blog. I guess if she's right, than I've been REALLY busy lately... :)

And actually, I have!! Dane is in track, and Grant is in Little League baseball. April saw three birthdays in our family come and go. Mike and I escaped overnight to Seattle to a Mariner's game and are continuing to play Poker with friends one Saturday night each month. I hired a new employee to help me with the business, and have purchased a larger and more extensive computer network system so that Jennifer and I can set the appraisal world on its ear. The computer is great, but the network set-up and working through the kinks seems to be taking forever.

In any case, I'm back! Hope to be blogging a little more often in the near future again. I've got new photos to post of all the kids and I need to get caught back up with everyone.

Check back soon!