Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I Hate Grocery Shopping and Cooking

Its not exactly profound to say that grocery shopping is a necessity in life. I accept that statement, but I sure don't have to like it. Its similar to my thoughts/feelings on meal preparation. Both shopping and cooking are extraordinarily time-consuming, and time is an extremely precious commodity in my life.

So here is my thought: There is BIG $$$$ to be made in grocery shopping as a business. I know it sounds stupid, but I would seriously trade my housekeeper for a grocery shopper, but they also have to do the meal planning that goes with the whole ball of wax. If I'm going to pay someone, they have to take on the entire inconvenience of the job.

I owe some great kudos to my husband, who willingly shops for our family at least 50% of the time (and cooks). Its a good thing I wasn't born in 1902, or really any time prior to our society accepting that men and women could share and swap roles in the family. And yes, by the way, I was totally honest with Mike BEFORE we got married that I absolutely refuse to spend my life in a kitchen.

So I fully confess that I am the person that those end-of-the-aisle non-bargain stacks are designed for. My grocery store priorities are ALL wrong, and I admit it. My first priority is to spend as little time there as possible, and my last priority is to worry about what I'm spending.

You know........its rather liberating to be at a point in my life to admit that I truly HATE grocery shopping, and its just as wonderful to admit that I totally SUCK at it. I can just think of so many things I would rather do with my time.

Which brings me to Part 2...the cooking. I'm actually a GOOD cook--when I want to be, which is the trick. Once again, its all about the time involved in the planning and preparation. I'm more of a spur-of-the-moment sort of gal when it comes to meals, which doesn't always work real well for a family of six.

I used to apologize for these shortcomings but, you know, I think I'm past that. I have my strengths, and I have my weaknesses. Deal with it. Take out, anyone?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Spring without sunshine...

So far......its been a rather crummy Spring, as far as weather is concerned. Regardless of our lack of sunshine, track season and baseball season and t-ball season are marching onward. Although I've been terrible about updating here, we've taken quite a few photos of kids in various activities lately, so I will slowly get organized and get them posted here.

I'm actually posting the most recent photo first. Yesterday, Mike took the girls fishing at a local spot known as Case's Pond. Tiersten caught a little one, and Jennica caught a BIG one. They were ecstatic! Even the blood didn't dissuade them!

Tonight, Mike and the girls ate their catch, while the boys and I ate lasagna. I grew up on fish! In fact, I grew up with smelt thawing in the kitchen sink! However, having fish cooking in MY kitchen tonight was rather disgusting! I was even less-impressed with the cleaning last night......(GAG!) Not sure when I became such a wimp........