Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Miss Jennica Potato-Head

Today didn't start out on such a great note. Let me explain...

The girls were playing in their room while the boys were getting breakfast for themselves and I was picking up the random morning disarray around the house. Out of the blue, I suddenly heard Jennica give a blood-curdling scream. Not the "I'm-angry" type of scream, but a "I'm in serious pain" type of scream. Dane and I both headed for the girls room at a dead sprint.

As we dashed into their room, Jennica had her hands clasped to her head and was still wailing. Tiersten was standing quietly to one side with her hands behind her back. (Didn't take a genius to figure out that perhaps Tiersten had inflicted the obvious pain.) When I asked Tiersten what had happened, as Jennica was obviously too upset to tell me, she held up a Mr. Potato Head ear and told me that she had put it in Jennica's ear!!! Now......the peg on the Mr. Potato Head is quite long as it is meant to held the ear into the head of a plastic object!! As I pryed Jen's hand away from her ear, it was obvious that there was blood in the ear canal. She was still screaming, and promptly started throwing up, as we all know about the human gag reflex that we get when we cram something too far into our ear canal. (If you don't know about that, try it with a Q-tip!)

Long story short...Jennica will be fine. Her doctor confirmed that her ear tube is still firmly in place, the ear drum is intact, and the bleeding was caused by the plastic stem of the toy where it scraped the inner wall of her ear canal. A few days of antibiotic ear drops and she will be back to normal.

But I still felt like an idiot explaining that Tiersten tried to turn Jennica into Mr. Potato Head. When does this parenting thing get easier? ...........Sigh...........

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