Sunday, February 18, 2007

The ties that bind...

A few weeks ago, I read something about how common memories and experiences provide a bond for people of similar backgrounds and give them a "connection". I have to admit that I instantly related and understood what the writer had been trying to say. It doesn't seem to matter exactly what the connection is--its just a fact that if you put a group of human beings in one place together for very long, they develop memories, inside jokes, topics which are avoided, etc.

In my family, I grew up the youngest of three girls. As adults, my sisters and I are each very different (which definitely keeps things from being boring when we're together). As is so typical with families, we probably would never be friends if we weren't related--not because we wouldn't like each other, but because we probably just would never cross paths!!

In any case, sisters we are. When I think of the things we share, the things below are what come to my mind. I'm POSITIVE that they will, in every instance, know exactly what I'm talking about.

1) W-26
2) The 10-minute tree
3) The song we are supposed to sing at Mom's future funeral (Hopefully very DISTANT future funeral.)
4) Why masking tape is involved in making chocolate chip cookies
5) Pulling daisies (Not picking...)
6) Hand-dipped chocolates
7) The real reason for singing "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning," from the musical, Oklahoma.
8) Spider checks
9) Nose mittens from Rose
10) How to cook toast on an open fire (Something I thought everyone did, by the way.)
11) Buck, the cow
12)And while I'm on the topic of cows, why we had to name them what we named them
14)"There's blue sky in the west........."
15) How it rains in Washington D.C.

I'm sure I'm going to think of MANY more as soon as I sign off of here, so I will have to add them later. Dinner awaits...

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