Wednesday, March 07, 2007


For the past four years, I have been driving a minivan. A white Honda Odyssey, to be exact. Cloth seats, power sliding doors, boring, practical........YAWN!!!!

We have long been admirers of the big SUVs. We are those annoying people that show up on car lots (preferably when they are closed) and press our noses up against the windows of the vehicles just to look in them. Each year when the new models come out, we check out all the new options on the internet and debate whether we would want leather or not, and what color we would choose. And then we rationalize that they are gas-guzzling beasts and we don't envy those folks when they get to the pumps. Yeah right.....

Well.......GUESS WHAT???!!!??? WE BOUGHT ONE!!! Good-bye to practical and bring on the fuel!!!

It is a 2007 Suburban in Amber Bronze (please don't call it brown)!! Far and away, a more luxurious a vehicle than I expected to be driving at this point in my life. Leather, power moon roof, auto headlights, remote starter, OnStar, 6-CD changer, rear-parking assist......but we will be living without the heated seats (All together now......ooooooohhhhhh......bummer!). It is an absolute BLAST to drive. We got a great deal on it and, with the boys getting taller with every passing day, its sure nice to have the extra room. (And YES, there is significantly more room than in a minivan.)

Now...........if I could just convince Mike that he can't drive it. Except maybe on his Birthday and Christmas. Or when I want a nice long nap on a long trip. :)

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