Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day! it was two weeks ago that I said I was going to do better on the blog updating. I was also going to post some new pictures of the kids. None of that has happened. Oops! Great intentions......but once again, life got in the way. I'm still not in the mood to scan photos, so instead, I'll give a written update and another promise to add photos soon.

First of all, my new employee with the business started work this past week. WAHOO! Jennifer is turning out to be exactly what I needed--an independent self-started with extensive knowledge in legal descriptions and mapping. I pointed her at the computer, handed her a stack of files, and she's pretty much been on her own and figuring it out as she goes. PERFECT! Honestly, I don't have time to train someone, so I'm so glad she's willing to learn "on the fly". Eventually, she will work a part-time schedule, but I started this week behind and she pitched in and got me to the point where I am almost caught up. I am so grateful to have her!!

Dane is finally done with track, and I think he's actually relieved. This is the first time since school started that he will actually be riding the bus home on a day-in/day-out basis with no sports activities ongoing. He suddenly took a huge growth spurt and is now a solid two inches taller than I am. (WEIRD!!) He's also broad-shouldered and skinny!

Grant is about halfway through baseball season and seems to be having a great time in Little League. He's spending most games in left field, with occasional games at second base, and has had some decent hits. He's also got some end-of-the-year field trips coming up, which he always looks forward to. Its hard to believe he's going to be a 6th grader next year.

Tiersten has a couple of weeks of preschool left, and then she'll be done with school for the summer. I don't think she's figured out yet that school is going to be over for a few months, I don't think she's going to be real pleased about it, and I'm not sure whether to sit her down and talk about it, or just wait for her to kind of ease into it and figure it out on her own. She went outside with me today to help me poison some moles, and was pretty excited about it until Grant told her that we were KILLING the moles. :)

Jennica is still growing like a weed--she's a tad taller than Tiersten now, but don't tell Tiersten. Jen continues to be our "all or nothing" child. She has a huge bruise on her leg from a jumping game in the bathtub, and managed to ride her tricyle off of the porch steps this weekend. It never seems to matter how much supervision she has...she has an uncanny ability to wait until our backs are turned for 30 seconds to pull off whatever Evil Knievel stunt she's been working on. Sleep continues to be a low priority on her list, as well. Some days better......some days worse.......but she never seems to require as much sleep as we do.

All in all, life continues to be good, if a tad over-scheduled. Mike and I both kind of "hit the wall" this past weekend and are both committed to trying to get caught back up on rest this week. Monday should be a great start--the evening only has a baseball game and a band concert on the schedule. :)

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