Wednesday, August 13, 2008

School countdown (and some mischief!)

Yesterday, our Day Care was closed for a staff training day, so since the girls were home (which means NO appraisal work will be accomplished), I scheduled the day off in my schedule and ran away for the day with my kids. :) We loaded up in the suburban with my Mom and headed an hour south for a picnic and a great day on the shore of a lake. Mike surprised us by meeting us there, and we all enjoyed some time in the sun. With football starting next week, and school starting right after Labor Day, these opportunities are slipping away. And, as much as I hate to admit it, it is always heavy on my mind that the boys are nearing an age where summer jobs and other commitments are going to encroach. So.........whenever I can, I'm going to enjoy a leisurely family picnic together!!

As always, Jennica managed to slip some mischief into the day. On the way home, we stopped for pizza at a well-known local restaurant. She had finished eating and was beginning to wander the restaurant a bit. It is one of those places that feels somewhat like a cafeteria, and it wasn't a big deal to have her circling our table, but her circles kept getting larger, while we boxed up our leftovers and prepared to leave. Suddenly, Jennica was at our table with a large piece of watermelon! She was happily munching away, while Mike and I scolded her for raiding the salad bar.

When we got out to the parking lot, I noticed that Dane and my Mom are both laughing hysterically. They finally explain that, as we were all trudging out of the restaurant, they took a gander at the salad bar and there was NO watermelon anywhere at the salad bar. I am less than amused at this point, and Jennica is still happily munching her watermelon. The following conversation proceeded while I'm buckling her into her carseat:

Me: "Jennica! Where did you get that watermelon??!!!???"
Jennica (very matter-of factly while still munching): "From the man in the black hat."
Me: "WHAT man in the black hat?"
Jennica: "The man back there in that place." (Still chewing away.)

I didn't see any man in a black hat. My Mom is laughing again and Grant is beginning to join in the hysterics also. They're definitely NOT helping.......

Me: "Jennica.........Did the man GIVE you the watermelon? Or did you just take the watermelon?"
Jennica: "I taked it." She's pretty much down to the rind now, and hands me the juicy chunk of green for disposal. UGH!

At this point, I contemplated going back into the restaurant to look for a man in a black hat and apologize for my daughter stealing a piece of watermelon from him. But then again, what would be the point? So we left. I know there were a few birthday parties going on around us, so I hope that she just non-chalantly lifted a piece of a loaded plate of watermelon at one of the parties, rather than swiping a piece of fruit off of some singular person's plate!!!

To the man in the black hat, whoever you are..............I apologize. My daughter is a very cute 4-year-old with no manners. We're working on it. What else can I say? SHEESH!!!

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