Monday, June 15, 2009

The marathon is over...

After the past 10 days............all I can say is "Whew!" Two graduations, a third graduation (preschool) that was cancelled due to a swine flu threat, a solid week of ballet with 85 little girls followed by the ballet recital (three shows in 24 hours), Jennica's normal OT and speech, field trips, last day of school, spring football started..............Whew! of today, life is much quieter. Of course, life with us is always at a dull roar, but the crazy-ness of early June is behind us. We have crossed the finish line!

This Friday, we leave on vacation to an undisclosed, secret location. Our plans while we're there? To do as little as possible. Sleep. Eat. Play. We have no intention of returning from our vacation more tired than we left. We have nowhere to be at any scheduled time, and we're simply going to enjoy 7 days of leisure.

I will post photos soon of the ballet recital, but today is "recovery" day, so I'm not spending much time in front of the computer. :)

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