Thursday, July 16, 2009

So......just how tough are ya?

My athletic, wrestler-dude, football-player sons both get their wisdom teeth removed from their skulls tomorrow. Heh. Gonna be interesting to see how they handle this. You see......neither one of them has had any type of surgery before. Neither of them has had a broken bone. Not a tooth pulled. Not a sprained ankle. Nothing. Nada. Grant had three tiny stitches in his forehead when he was three years old and has had x-rays once. Big deal. I don't think Dane has even had x-rays before, other than standard dental x-rays, which don't count. So........tomorrow is going to be very "telling".

In total honesty, I'm not worried much about Dane. He has gotten drug into this whole event simply because Grant's maxillo-facial surgeon in Seattle ordered that Grant's wisdom teeth be removed ASAP in preparation of his upcoming jaw surgery. Since we were already getting it all lined up for Grant, it occurred to us that Dane also probably needed a check on his wisdom teeth. As it turns out, Dane's wisdom teeth are ready to come out and the timing is perfect. Grant...........well....... is not quite so lucky. Being almost two years younger, his wisdom teeth are still impacted well below the jawbone. The oral surgeon bluntly informed me that, if it were not for the necessity of removing them for the jaw surgery that needs to be done, he wouldn't take them out for another two years. He's going to have to "dig" for them, which carries a likelihood of a whole lot more pain and swelling than what Dane is likely going to experience. Oh goody! I'm sincerely hoping that it goes very smoothly. For Grant's sake.

And in the meantime, since we've become more aware of Grant's jawline, I've noticed much more lately how sunken his lower jaw actually is! I honestly never really noticed before! It was just "Grant". But now, I see in small ways how his speech is being ever-so-slightly affected, and how his chewing habits are affected. While the jaw surgery is going to change the shape of his face and how he looks, I'm excited for Grant and glad that this is all going to be corrected for him. I'm sure that millions of human beings have lived normal lives with a 9 mm difference in whatever-it-is, but I'm glad that he's not going to have to!

So will be good to get the first major bridge crossed in Grant's surgery preparation. Wisdom teeth out.........and healing for surgical readiness. And Dane drug along "for the fun of it".(It was inevitible. This is just sooner rather than later.)

We'll check back in 24-48 hours and let you know if they still think they're so tough after going under the scalpel. Heh. Let's just hope they don't puke from the anesthesia. Like their Mom. Ugh!

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