Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Silly boy!

Dane has grown up a lot this past year--both physically and otherwise.  The driver's license and his Explorer have given him increased freedom and responsibility.  His heavy schedule requires that he stay organized with schoolwork and other commitments.  And he's gained 30 pounds of muscle by daily weightlifting (yes....3-0) since the end of wrestling season in late February.  He should be....er......formidable in a helmet and shoulder pads this September (which is the whole point).  Five-foot-10-inches and 190 pounds of high school junior running at me would be enough to send me scrambling in the other direction!

But.....even with all this newfound maturity....he's still prone to doing "silly things."  He's run out of gas.  He's locked his keys in his car (twice).  He plays stupid games and does strange things to any digital photo he can manipulate.  (You should see the one of his face morphed onto Jabba the Hut's body.  Priceless!)

The photo here is another one of his silly stunts, and this one I happened to catch on camera.  On Sunday evening, he and Grant were zipping out the door headed to somewhere.   Grant came back into the house and resumed his seat without a word.  ???  Dane came zipping around the house carrying the ladder to retrieve his keys out of the gutter.  He had been tossing them up in the air as he was jumping down the porch steps and managed to throw them straight into the gutter.  Harmless.....but funny! 

We enjoy laughing with you, Dane!  I'm so glad that you always manage to find the lighter side of life!  :)

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