Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Its a "head-scratcher".......

The school called and left a message on our answering machine today.  Apparently, Jennica burned her finger at school today.  On.  A.  Light.  Bulb.  ????????

Now........we've had some reactions here at home to this that strike me as somewhat odd, even though I am admittedly involved in these decisions. 

First, we laughed.  I mean seriously????  A light bulb???  We know our school district very well and if this was a serious injury, I have 100% trust that they would not have simply left a message on our answering machine.  I want to make that very clear, as I know not all parents are as fortunate in being able to trust the decision making skills of their school staff.  So......since it was obviously not serious, we felt free to laugh.  And did.  Let's face it.........burning your finger on a light bulb ranks right up there with sticking rocks in your ears.  Which we have been to the ER not once, but TWICE for removal with this child. 

Second, without even "arranging" to not mention it to Jen, we didn't mention it to Jen.  Neither of us.  We have reached a state with this child that unless she is crying or bleeding.......don't bring it up!  If it is serious enough, she'll let us know!!!! 

Now.........these are both odd reactions to me.  I feel like a TV evangelist is somewhere saying that I have seen so many car wrecks that I am now numb to them.  Only in this case, I have seen too many "Jen-wrecks" that unless we need to dial 9-1-1, I can laugh and move on.  I'm oddly humored and concerned at the same time with my reactions!!!!

Ahhh..........but it is what it is.  I shall ponder this.  And chuckle.  A light bulb???  Sheesh.

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