Friday, January 04, 2008

2008 already!!

2008 has arrived. It is 2008. The year is 2008. Hmmmm.....

I will turn 40 this year. Wasn't I supposed to have my life in perfect order by age 40? Another hmmm.......

I have now been self-employed for over two years, which coincidentally happens to also mean that it has been over two years since I have sat and looked at the clock for an afternoon, willing it to be 5:00 NOW. Instead, I always find the end of the workday creeping up on me far sooner than I am ready, as the amount of work to be done always exceeds the number of hours available. I'm feel fortunate for that, but the feeling of time slipping away has increased exponentially with my workload.

All of you that watch/read the news know that the U.S. housing market is floundering a bit these days. This has a direct affect on the appraisal industry as a whole, and appraisal businesses from an individual standpoint. My business has been affected, but so far, less than many. However, I find myself trying to see into 2008 and gauge the economic course of the months to come. There are opportunities available to do other things, but I'm hesitant to leave the comfort of this "niche" I have carved for myself. I LIKE WHAT I'M DOING! Two and a half years ago, I couldn't say that.

So I am at a point of pondering. Pondering the future. Pondering the past. And pondering where I want to go and what I want to be when I grow up. Wasn't I supposed to have life all figured out before age 40?

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