Friday, February 22, 2008

Return from blog-holiday...

It certainly wasn't planned, or even a conscious decision, but somehow I ended up on a "blogging vacation" after the first of the year. I've been incredibly busy with appraisals, we've been busily buried in basketball season with the boys, and the time has just gotten away from me. When I have had a few minutes of free time, I haven't really wanted to be sitting at the computer.

But I'm back. Busy as always.......but I'm going to try to get back in the habit of updating the blog. :)

Dane's basketball team lost only one game this year, so they all feel good about their season. That one game was lost by only four points in the very last minutes of the game, and was to a team that they had beat in overtime earlier in the year. Not bad, boys!! I think Dane is leaning towards wrestling next year as a freshman, so there is a good possibility that this was Dane's last basketball season.

Grant's basketball team also did very well this year, and was undefeated in regular season play. They had a tournament one weekend that didn't go "their way", but its going to be fun watching these boys take the court next year as 7th graders.

Both boys finally succumbed to the flu this week, and have been home several days. So far, the girls have both been healthy and we're hoping they avoid it. (Please....please......please.......)

Mike and I have both got a million things going on with work. Its nice to have interesting, mentally-demanding jobs, but we both admit that there are days that the simplicity of an "easy" job looks appealing. I'm fully aware of how quickly I would be bored in a less demanding field, but I have my days....... :)

And lastly, I was an unfortunate participant in a "fender-bender" in South Bend this week. Not my fault.......but the suburban took a good blow to the rear end and has the dents to prove it. My neck and back have been sore, but otherwise, no injuries, for which I'm grateful. The suburban will be headed soon for repairs. More of an inconvenience than anything else.

More rambling soon!

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