Monday, February 09, 2009

Are you friggin' kidding me??

Today, we made the trek to Olympia (again) to visit with Jen's naturopath (again). But this time, with great anticipation! The lab results were back!!

A little high here..........a lot low there.........ya da ya da ya da. Drastically allergic to all things wheat, rye, and gluten, and all things dairy. Nice to know that we called that one correctly. And.......drum roll here........severely allergic to eggs and GARLIC. The eggs.....okay, as they're on the list of top 6 allergenic foods. But GARLIC!!!????!!! Who has ever heard of a garlic allergy? Is she related to Dracula???

In any case, the labs overall were about what we expected. Thankfully, the things that need fixing are relatively easy to fix. We shouldn't need any IVs of chelating agents to remove toxic metals, and we do NOT have to remove all forms of sugar (including fresh fruit) from her diet (I was really sweating this last one). We're adding a supplement or two to her daily dosage which, at this point, what's 2-4 more pills in a day? Sad.....but true.

And no more eggs or garlic. Go figure!!!

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