Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mid-week madness!

Ah......Wednesday. The day where its too late to pretend I'm on vacation, and too soon to figuratively turn off the phone and go back to bed. This week, I'm trying to see the oddities in life as humorous, and just going with the flow.

1) I saw a camel today, while out inspecting a property. Yes......a camel. In a pasture. In Southwest Washington. He looked more than a tad out of place. Where do you buy a camel? How much do they cost? What do you feed them? What kind of veterinary care do they require? All questions to ponder when you're in the middle of nowhere and wonder if you're hallucinating. I took a picture.

2) I travelled today to a neighboring area with a strong wrestling team that competes against Dane's team. In fact, I saw several of their team members last weekend at the Regional wrestling meet. Their wrestling uniforms are solid black singlets with "Go Mules" written across the rear end in red writing. Whatever coach ordered this wording placed there should be shot, and I'm shocked and amazed that the boys actually wear them. And in public no less.

3) I made gluten-free/casein-free/egg-free biscuits for dinner last night. This is the second time I've made them, but the boys weren't home the last time. The flavor isn't bad, but they are made out of potato starch flour and an odd concoction of other ingredients that results in albino-white (will NOT brown at all) circular devices very similar to hockey pucks. I think the boys finally decided last night to refer to them as "Bulletproof Biscuits," as they are very hard on the outside. These aren't something I would ever subject anyone outside the family to, but Jennica devours them! And since this is the ONLY bread-type substance that she has been willing to eat since the first part of December......what the heck. I'm hoping that maybe if we keep feeding her these, maybe someday we'll get her to eat gluten-free bread of some sort. Even occasionally for a rare sandwich would be good.

4) And speaking of food........I'm fighting cravings. Bad. Cravings for things like Seafood Alfredo piled with creamy cheese. And garlic breadsticks. And PIZZA!!! We don't all eat strictly with Jen's regimen, but we try to stay pretty close out of respect for her. I think I'm due for some cheesy, gluten-filled binging. :)

5) And one last note on Jen........she was diagnosed with a Vitamin D deficiency. Very common and not real surprising. But like two days after the lab results, we also got an email that stated that Vitamin D deficiencies in children cause stunted growth and weight gains. So........if she wasn't deficient on Vitamin D, she would already be 6 feet tall? She is SO tall for her age that we just sort of laughed about this one. Not applicable here.

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