Friday, January 29, 2010

Dane, The Mighty Wrestler

This weekend is Dane's last regular season wrestling meet before Sub-Regionals. Due to the loss of a schoolmate this week, which I posted previously, all the basketball teams have cancelled practice for the last three days and have cancelled their games through the end of this week. Unfortunately, the wrestlers have had to push through it as wrestling tournaments with multiple schools, particularly this late in the season, just can't be by-passed with Subs the following week. On the other hand, these student athletes are used to being very busy and I think there is comfort in following the "normal routine" to whatever extent is possible.

In any case, I'm posting a video of Dane from last week's meet. He medalled 4th, with all of the 1st-3rd place finishers being Seniors and qualifiers for last year's State Championship. The 1st place finisher was a teammate of Dane's, and the reigning State Champion. WAY TO GO, DANE!!!

I'm also going to post some photos in the next few days and, as you can see, Dane is tall and thin for his weight class. I always thought it was a myth that wrestlers were short and bulky. I was wrong--its true!! I ride Dane constantly about, rather than trying to wrestle "lean and mean", he would be better to bump up in to the 170-180 pound range and be "buff." So strategy is falling on deaf ears. (What do Moms know anyway, right?) In any case, his bottom weight from calibration was set at 148 pounds, so he's as low as he can go now without having to worry that he'll be under his limit. To whomever the person(s) was/were that came up with the legislation to require calibration, weight-loss limits, and hydration requirements........Bless your heart(s)!!! My son would have been one of those that would have been 5 foot 9 inches and an emaciated 130 pounds. He's scrawny enough at 152! (I wish I had half his self-control regarding what goes in my mouth.) My next concern? That he and Grant will at some point have to wrestle each other in competition. Think the referees would humor a parent and declare a tie? UGH!

Enjoy the video! We're proud of you Dane!!!

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