Monday, February 01, 2010

Okay.......Where'd the video go?

The video that was supposed to be attached to the previous post has vanished. **POOF**

So......I'm going to have to stick to photos for now. Hmmmm......

In any case, Dane tied for 6th in a 16-man bracket for his weight class this last weekend. Sub-regionals are this coming Saturday, so keep your fingers crossed. He SHOULD move easily on to Regionals, but I know he'll feel better once its over. He knows that he would have to wrestle exceptionally well to make it to State, so for now, he's just taking it one weekend at a time.

We didn't get to attend Dane's wrestling meet this weekend, as we actually spent two days on the road with Grant at a basketball tournament. This was a non-school-associated tourney, so we were short part of his normal 8th grade team but, for the most part, these were the same kids. They played marginally well on Saturday.......and HORRID on Sunday. Not sure what happened between Saturday and Sunday......but oh well. Tonight we play Willapa Valley at home (school-sanctioned) and the boys take great delight in decimating them, so they will be "up" for a victory tonight. This will also be the first event in our home gym since our tragedy last week, so I hope the kids are able to focus on the game and try to let go of their grief for awhile.

Max's Celebration of Life service is scheduled for February 7th. It will be another long week for these kids, as they come to terms with their loss and struggle with the reasons behind his actions. All of us in the community are just holding our children close and telling them how much they are loved. This was a startling and shocking reminder as to how unpredictable life can truly be.

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