Thursday, July 01, 2010

Berry obsessed

Jen lives for fresh fruit.  And broccoli.  Seriously. 

The average adult tends to react with narrow-minded sympathy when they hear of her food allergies.  If I were not traveling this path, I suppose I might react the same way, but I am much more aware these days of exactly how many foods are available in the world that don't contain any form of gluten, dairy, eggs, or peanuts.

And for Jen.....she's not suffering.  She has recently developed a general dislike for red meat, unless it is hidden in spaghetti or some sort of taco-type dish.  But other than the red meat issue, to which we're still adjusting, she has a wide range of foods that she loves.  And she has cravings just like any other kid.  However, her cravings might sound funny at first.  Coconut milk ice cream.  Broccoli.  Broccoli.  Broccoli. 

But this summer I'm giving Jen some stiff competition on strawberries.  I bought some a few weeks ago, and they were so good.  I keep buying them.  And eating them.  Usually it is Jennica that can't keep her paws off the strawberries.  This year, its me!  I really didn't even like strawberries in the past!!  I'm usually more of a chocolate sort of girl! 

So.....think of me this weekend.  I intend to spend my 4th of July weekend consuming as many strawberries as possible! 

Have a happy & safe 4th!

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