Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Home again, Home again, Jiggety-Jig!

We left the confines of rainy Western Washington for 5 days over the weekend and spent it in Mike's homeland--the remote NE corner of Oregon, Idaho, and SE Washington.  I could have skipped the portion that involved a very treacherous dirt road in Hell's Canyon (made this country girl feel like a city girl), but was a good weekend!  With the boys now in their teens, we are feeling a sense of the ticking clock on the time that we have left for vacations with all four kids.  *Sniff* *sniff*

If you aren't familiar with the Pacific Northwest, our vacation destination was vastly different from rainy Western Washington.  The lifestyle.....the weather......the wildlife.....the topography......everything.  While we certainly don't live in a metropolitan area, the boys would be quick to point out that its more metro than NE Oregon!  (Think cattle guards on the road leading into the K-12 school campus.  And yes....K-12 all in ONE building.) 

But it was great to get away!  We saw some beautiful scenery in the Wallowa Mountains, and had a great time visiting with some of Mike's family on the way home.  We even did a drive-by on my crazy uncle's house in Dayton, but darn, he wasn't home.  (I'm safe referring him to as my crazy uncle here.  He thinks computers are evil and will never hear about this.  And besides.....the description is accurate.) 

Aside from Disneyland, this was probably the best vacation we've ever had with Jennica.  We didn't provide a lot of accomodations for her sensory system, other than "her" food, and she did okay!  We had a few whiny episodes, but I never once fought the temptation to duct tape her to the nearest flag pole!  :) 

I'm attaching a few photos from our trip.  The family shot was taken by a gracious motorcycle dude in Hell's Canyon.  The scenery shot is of the Wallowa Mountains.  And the barn......well......I'm an appraiser after all.  I thought the octagonal design was just cool!  :)


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