Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I have been humbled today

Today, my oldest dear aunt is having surgery for a very serious medical issue--an issue that could shorten her life tremendously.

To me, she has always been "my crazy aunt." She is a mother of six, and the youngest is a few years older than me. As a young child, my home was typically quiet, respectful, clean, orderly, and we were expected to follow the rules. Aunt Betty and Uncle Clyde's house was chaotic and loud, with what seemed like a gazillion noisy kids and pets constantly coming and going. They had cats with funny names, like "Daisy Mae Lulubopper" and "Miranda." And my aunt "collected" chiquita banana stickers on the insides of her cabinet doors. Her older children always seemed to be moving from home to college or somewhere else, but there always seemed to be furniture in a truck parked somewhere nearby. When I was still quite young, she moved to a little place in the middle of nowhere "to grow herbs." And she ran for some political office once. I remember seeing signs with her name on them, and she was in a parade...........big things to this little girl.

In any case, I haven't "had time" yet to send my Aunt Betty a card since her diagnosis. My intentions have been good, but the follow-through hasn't been there. My excuse is that I've been too busy, running kids here and there and working.

Today, I went to my mailbox and, lo and behold...........there is a birthday card for me from my Aunt Betty. More than a week early, and filled with her usual humor. Not a single mention of the surgery she faced today. I would imagine she sent it early, not sure if she would feel well enough next week to get it done. But I have been too busy to make a thoughtful gesture?

And, so I have been humbled by a wonderful and thoughtful lady. I will be getting that card in the mail, letting her know I'm thinking of her, too.

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