Friday, October 24, 2008

Living in the moment......

October is always wild. Football. Appraisals. School. More football. Halloween parties. Birthdays. More football. This year has been no different.

But we've had a lot of fun this month, and its not even over yet. Mike's parents visited for a weekend, and its always great to see them. Mike was gone for four days on a business trip, and returned just in time for he and I to take off for three days for my birthday. (The new Tulalip Resort is a great place!!) Both boys have played a ton of football, and Grant was a big part of a big win last night against their biggest rival, Willapa Valley. (20-0!!!) They will both transition into wrestling in the next few weeks, which is a slower pace for all of us and will be a welcome downshift.

And surprisingly enough, I continue to be buried in appraisal work. I'm grateful to be seeing continued success, despite the worsening economic conditions. With the election now just a short distance away, I'm not even going to fathom a guess at what is to come. I have my own opinions, but will keep them to myself at this point.

Tomorrow night, I'm throwing a big bash here at the house for 20 or so of my nearest and dearest friends. It promises to get a little rowdy, and I'm looking forward to laughing a lot, and enjoying a rare chance to catch up with everyone.

Happy Fall!!!

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