Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The "cooker"

The last few months, Jennica has developed a fun fascination for everything that goes on in the kitchen. She likes to climb up on the counter and help stir and mix. She is fascinated by everything that goes into a pot or bowl, and why. Tiersten is going through the normal phase of what she's going to be when she grows up (she says a veterinarian), and Jennica always says that she's going to be "a cooker".

Today at preschool, Jennica got to participate in making (and eating) a pizza. She also got to make a hat, and came home with a new word--CHEF!!! She has worn her new hat the entire evening!! I just had to post a photo!!
She also had a visit to the doctor today on a minor matter. To nobody's surprise, she is above the 99th percentile on height, and just below the 90th percentile in weight. She's going to be a very TALL chef. :)

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Amy said...

Julia Childs was a VERY TALL chef!