Friday, January 30, 2009

Feeling less burdened

Wow! That was some rant in my last post here. I meant every single word and won't apologize for any of it, but also recognize that the people that really need to read it never will. But I knew that when I wrote it and it was a form of therapy to "let it all go."

In any case, I allowed myself to continue to stew and brew yesterday, but today, I'm pulled myself up by the bootstraps and given myself a needed kick in the butt. After all, I have much to be thankful for. Regardless of the issues that we are facing with Jennica, she is physically healthy and we are in a great position to help her make great progress. I also am very fortunate to have a very involved husband in this process, which many of my acquaintances dealing with similar issues most definitely do not! And my other three children are thriving in their endeavors, which allows me to focus more time on Jen and the myriad of appointments, treatments and therapies. There is so much to learn......

So..........I'm "bucking up." For now. I'm sure I will feel the need to unload another rant at some point. :)

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