Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Grant's first track meet

So.......Grant had his first meet today. No pole vault. This was an "away" meet and the host school doesn't have this event. Probably not a bad thing, as Grant's not quite ready anyway.

But he ran the 1600 meters (yes......1600 in WA State........its weird.......I know.....), the 800 meters, the 110 hurdles, and jumped triple jump. He came home with three first places and a fifth place. No too shabby! Unfortunately, I was wrapped up with Dane's self-led school conference this afternoon after a long day in the field, so I only got to see him run the 800 meters. But frankly, I was impressed! My original thought when he came off the starting line was that he was going WAY too fast and would never been able to hold his pace. Much to my surprise, he DID hold that pace through the entire race and still had a little "kick" left at the end. He led it wire-to-wire.

And I have decided that there is something obscenely thrilling about cheering your kid on as they run for home. "RUN! RUN! Pick it up!!" Here he was, out of breath at the end of his second lap, giving it his all, and we want more? I think I'd just quit right there. "What? Do I not look like I'm going as fast as I can? You get your fanny out here and try this!!"

Anyway, Grant's attitude is far better than mine, of course. And I'm still very impressed. Who would've thunk that the scrawny little turkey could run like that? Heh. Go figure. I'm excited to see him continue to challenge himself!

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