Wednesday, March 04, 2009

New photos of the gang

I'm just posting new photos of the kids!!! Both boys are in the process of transitioning from wrestling and basketball and into track season. I am so proud of their academic and athletic accomplishments--all while helping out here at home with whatever needs doing at the moment. Tiersten is also academically ahead of her class, loving ballet, and she probably has the toughest road right now, since so much of our attention is focused on getting Jennica's therapy schedules and diet stabilized. It's really not fair that she sometimes has to fend for herself a little more than she would otherwise, but all families with special needs children deal with constant issues of time and balance. Particularly during the "high-focus" times of trying to find routine. And then, last but not least, is Jen. I should have posted the photo of her glaring at the camera. :)

To all four of you: I'm so proud to be your Mom!!!

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