Wednesday, May 27, 2009

And an added note as a second thought.....

Following up that last post about Grant's great accomplishments in track, obviously with a little success under their belts, the boys are all looking forward to football season in the fall. Which is a good thing!!

But, yesterday we found out that Grant is probably going to have some major surgery on his lower jaw over the summer. We meet with the maxillo-facial surgeon in Seattle next Wednesday, and will know more after that. His upper jaw growth is exceeding the lower jaw growth, and his head-gear is not stopping the growth adequately, so it appears that they are going to "extend" his lower jaw by cutting bone and extending it and pinning it, and ya da ya da ya da. Not an ideal situation, but also necessary and not catastrophic, as long as it is treated properly ASAP.

So.....obviously, Grant is concerned about getting the surgery done, so he has plenty of time to heal before football practice starts. I kind of rolled my eyes and reminded him that his medical care takes first priority.........until I remembered that I was almost exactly the same age when I had oral surgery on a Monday, and was riding my horse two days later. It was a good reminder about what it is like to be 14!!

I'll keep you posted on what will happen with Grant. Not sure yet whether this is going to involve in hospitalization, or will be outpatient. Part of me doesn't want him booted too early from the hospital, when we live so far from the surgeon that will be overseeing his care, but we'll see how it goes.......

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