Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The swimsuit dilemma we're getting ready to go on vacation in late June. I really want/need a new swimsuit, since mine is a couple of years old and, quite frankly, I intend to spend as much time as possible lying in the sun and playing in the water with the kids. What is the point to spending a bunch of money on going someplace with lots of sun and water if you're not going to enjoy it, right?

With that said, I don't know a single woman over 22 that feels 100% confident in a swimsuit. Period. Its just not the type of clothing that we feel good in. I could go on.....but you get it.

So.......what to buy? I'm pretty much at a point right now in my life where my body "is what it is." I would love to be in perfect shape, but the time that it takes to do that just isn't in my schedule right now unless we add a few hours to each day. And even then, let's face it, someone would find other things for me to do with that time. I should actually gain some time to work out in the fall when Jen starts kindergarten, but I'm not putting vacation on hold until my body looks perfect in a swimsuit. That's just reality and I'm learning to pick my battles. Laundry, appraisals, and Jennica's daily therapy schedules come before my thighs on the priority list at this point.

So.......I'm 40 years old and have four kids. What to wear that doesn't maximize any body flaws, doesn't look like I'm trying to be 18, doesn't scream senior citizen, doesn't embarrass my children and husband (or myself), or resemble a tent? I'm going for something that just says, "If you want to stare......go elsewhere. I'm here for the sun and the fun--not for your viewing pleasure. Now beat it. You're blocking my rays." Or I guess I could go for the string bikini and have the entire poolside to myself? :)

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