Friday, May 01, 2009

Prayers for Miss Marlee

Anybody remember Jennifer, my friend that used to work for me here at Precision Appraisals?

Jennifer's 6-month-old baby girl, Marlee, was diagnosed recently with neuroblastoma. They are pretty much living in a Portland hospital at the moment, while Marlee undergoes a whole host of tests to determine exactly how far the cancer has invaded her little body, and to insert the pic line and all that stuff that will prepare her for next week's surgery schedule.

While I haven't seen much of Jennifer since she moved an hour away in 2007, she is very much in my thoughts and prayers right now. Her two older children are staying with family, while she helps Marlee fight for life. Jen is the ultimate "Barricuda-Mom" (a real long as you don't mess with her kids).

Please join me in praying and cheering for Marlee and her recovery!

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