Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Just shoot me now.....

Ballet pictures were today. Which means that I spent over two hours in a crowded room full of hyperactive girls while they all had their individual photos taken in three different costumes, and had group photos in each costume, and had their hair done, and changed costumes, and fretted over make-up, and fretted over how to best attach the hair accessory for this costume, and fretted over getting the tights just right for that costume.......UGH! Of course, we've been doing ballet with Tiersten for months to get prepared for the upcoming recital, but this is my first experience with the whole ballet school in one place doing costume changes, and all that "stuff". Modesty was right out the window as the stress level climbed. I think the Jonas Brothers could have walked through the room and would not have even been noticed while the girls ripped off one outfit to hurriedly grab another and rush back to the photography set.

And Tiersten.........what to say. She LOVED every single stressful minute of the whole darn thing. She was SO in her element. I had taken my camera along, hoping to capture some backstage candids, but she kept glaring at me, as I was distracting her from her "duties". But I did manage to capture the one shot that I'm enclosing in her full stage make-up. Somebody just shoot me now. She's 6.......going on 16!

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