Monday, August 24, 2009

Football football football

My boys eat and breathe football.......all three of them. High school football practice is in full swing, and Dane and Mike (as an assistant coach) are both up to their eyeballs and enjoying it to the utmost. Our head coach is new this "import" from California.....and he's making some BIG changes to the program. Not a bad thing at all, but there is lots to learn and football talk dominates our dining room table once again. Grant is the temporary wanna-be football player, but only until Junior High practice starts on September 2nd. Until then, he is running daily to get into better shape in anticipation of his fun to come.

One of the changes that our new Coach Cavender has made is that the high school team is doing some serious hitting in practice. For most football programs, this is a "duh" comment, but our previous coach was always concerned about our limited team numbers and strictly curbed the contact in practice to prevent injuries. In any case, Dane is in the height of his glory. For such a docile kid off the field, he dreams of being a one-man-bulldozer in helmet and pads. Odd......but after 4 years, I think I'm used to it. It doesn't surprise me anymore...

We've got a whole team of kids trying to "impress" the new coach. Okay.........thats pretty understandable. But its amusing in an odd way to hear them talk about who "creamed" someone else the hardest at practice. After several years of only getting to really experience contact in game situations, they're enjoying smashing each other. Ugh.........boys!! Dane ended up against "The Freight Train" today and got flattened pretty good twice, before the coaches told the larger boy that they didn't need any concussions. Dane is laughing about it, and rather enjoyed the opportunity to face down this particular kid. I think he's crazy! If this boy ran at me, I'd either sit down or run the other direction. He's HUGE!

But I enjoy listening to our house filled with enthusiasm. I'm sure that by late October I'll be sick of football.......if it takes that long. For now, I'm just enjoying them enjoy something they enjoy. :)

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