Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Where did my summer go?

Has anyone seen my summer? Anyone? I was supposed to have all this FREE TIME this summer to do things...........lazy things..........like sit in a lawnchair......and read books........and play.........and do nothing.

I know I should feel grateful to have an active busy life, but some days......I struggle with it. Today is one of those days. I think sometimes I have an "anger management" problem with my lack of leisure time. I get very annoyed at my lack of time to do leisure-type activities. I find myself laughing (in a non-amused way) at people without children at home, careers, special-needs kids, etc. that THINK they are busy, and then proceed to tell me how they cooked some yummy-yummy dinner the other night that involved seemingly hundreds of steps. Have you ever been grocery shopping with one of those people? They carefully PLACE things into their cart and walk casually down the aisles. Now me? Grocery shopping should be considered careening around obstacles (people) while armed with a cart. During which time period, I hastily hurl things in the general direction of said cart on the off-chance that some of these things will be eaten by myself, my husband, and/or my children in the coming days. "Meal planning" is a joke. There are meals fed at my house at regular intervals, but the "plan" part is a little lacking. Unless your idea of "plan" involves the 10-20 minutes before consumption. And I have to plan ALL of my drives anywhere from Point A to Point B to Point C to eliminate unnecessary trips anywhere. There is no time for error. For example, if I'm headed to the day care to pick up girls, it also involves running by the bank, the post office, the school, etc.--All on a carefully-executed path to minimize time-consuming parking problems, notoriously-long traffic lights, and slow-moving people.

This is pretty much the norm for me------24/7/365 days per year. Thank heavens I am self-employed. I would never accomplish a days list of tasks on an 8-5 schedule without room to add in the orthodontist, occupational therapy, speech therapy, dentist, pick-up and drop-off from ball practices for boys, ya da ya da ya da. There is not a boss in the world that could accomodate that much vacation and sick leave. Period.

But this summer........at least I have had Yodi. God has smiled upon me, and I have no cell phone reception at Misty Valley Stables. Which means that when I run away to my horse.......I am totally 100% with my horse. :) I saddle him up and we disappear into the hills. Only to be seen or heard from when I choose to return. Or I show up very late or very early at the barn and hope that nobody else is around. And then I use the "quiet time" to soak in the smells and sounds of horses--like therapy.

So enough of my whining. I have chosen my path in life, and life is good. I have four great kids, a great husband, a beautiful home, a business that is sometimes more successful than I would prefer (but better than the other option--"Welcome to McDonalds! How may I help you?")..........and........my horse.

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