Monday, August 31, 2009

I don't get it

I was profoundly disappointed with Dateline's segment on vaccines. I was in the car most of this morning, and mulled it over and over in my mind, trying to get an objective handle on what exactly I didn't like. Was it the information? Or how it was presented? Or did I feel like one side was not properly represented?

I finally made it to my computer about 2:00 this afternoon, and jumped into the Dateline site, hoping that there would be a place to read some viewer comments. I wanted to know if the majority of comment posts seemed to feel like I did, or if the majority seemed to be supportive of the information as presented. The autistic community is a very vocal group, so I knew that they would be speaking out in force, but what about everyone else? What about parents, like me, who do not have children afflicted with severe autism, but deal with less severe neuro-developmental disorders with the common co-morbid gastrointestinal and malabsorption issues? What were they saying?

Upon signing in, I was surprised to see that Dateline was offering several follow-up videos. So, not seeing a comments link, I decided to listen in. In those videos was a whole host of information that should have been presented in the main show. What the heck? Why wasn't this information presented in the main segment, rather than the garbage mumbo-jumbo that they threw out there? In the videos, there is a call for vaccination schedules to be given on a much more individualized schedule (based upon family history for developmental disabilities, etc.) rather than "one-size-fits-all." What's that? Is that common sense I hear?

So.........I don't get it. But whatever Dateline executive determined the final comment that would be aired on Sunday night? They missed the boat!!!

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