Monday, August 14, 2006

Brothers for life

A friend and co-worker once gave me a little plaque that simply read, "Mothers of boys work from son up to son down." At this very moment, I can't find it and I miss it, for being a mother of my two boys is one of my greatest accomplishments to date.

First, there is Dane. He is 13 now, and very quickly nearing me in height. He is intelligent, funny, and reaching that point where he is really his own person. He is very good with his little sisters and his baby-sitting skills are invaluable. He is also outspoken and stubborn, with a passion for football that surprises me. During toddlerhood, he was so aggressive, that we worked hard at teaching him that it was inappropriate to express himself physically and that he needed to "use his words". By age five, he had swung far the other direction, and was horrified by children who hit and shoved in play. Now.......he seems to be finding a healthy balance in getting vast enjoyment out of smashing other people on the football field, while retaining his mild manners away from the game. Go figure!!

And then there is Grant. At age 11, he is known by others to be extremely quiet and reserved. He is brilliantly, frighteningly intelligent (especially in mathematics), but few people get a glimpse of it. At home, he is hilariously funny, and yet sensitive. He has little tolerance for people who can't get along, or people who can't abide by basic rules. He is always so excited about the future and is always looking toward the next adventure with relish--a trait we could all use more of.

Together, the boys are (and always have been) a strong pair. Oddly, they have never fought. Ever. They will, on very rare occasions, bicker about the move of some creature or other in some computerized game, but NEVER have I seen them fight. And if you take on one of them, you'd better be prepared to take them both on!!!

My boys are BROTHERS,in the strongest sense of the word. The best of friends and each others' fan club. Can we clone them??? :)

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