Monday, August 14, 2006


Tiersten is our oldest daughter. Only one year and six days older than Jennica, they are as close as.......well........close. I never totally understood parents that described their daughters as something like, "4 going on 14". With Tiersten, I get it!! She is a little girl and "trying to be all grown up" all in the same package.

Tiersten joined our family at 16 months of age. Like Jennica, she was removed from birth parents at an early age. Despite a start in life that could be considered less than ideal, Tiersten has overcome it all and is a thriving three-year-old. She definitely keeps us on our toes!!

When thinking about Tiersten, a couple of things come to mind. First, she is the type of beautiful that makes you think "Age 13" and "locking her in a closet" all in the same thought. See photo above. I'll say no more. Second, Tiersten is one of those children who has the ability to come up with the most delightful phrases ever! I'm going to make a list of them below and add to them as they happen. We call them "tiersten-isms".

My favorite Tiersten-isms:

Absolutely #1: "I have a 'bless you' on my arm!!" (Right after sneezing on her arm.....YUK. But funny nonetheless.)

New One!! Added October 3, 2006: "This is called your 'trouble finger'!" (While holding up the middle finger all by itself. I'd love to know where she heard this one, but I didn't want to show any reaction, as then she would repeat it over and over and over!)

New One!! Added November 13, 2006: "Daddy, why isn't the 'yelling light' on?" (After a few questions, Mike figured out that the "yelling light" is our bathroom fan. We're not sure if she calls it the yelling light because we raise our voices to be heard over it, or because its noisy...but either way, its funny!)

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