Monday, August 14, 2006

Michael Blaine

My first real post...Mike has no idea that I'm starting this blog and I don't intend to tell him until I get a few things on here. But, then again, I never seem to be able to keep things from him, so we'll see how I do. If this goes as planned, I'll tell him in a week or so, after I've written down some of the special things that we've experienced in the past few years.

In any case, I am so thankful to have this man in my life to share the chaos. There are very few people who know the entire story of how the "we" came into being, and one of the miracles of my life is that we are together at all. I hate to use worn-out phrases like "meant to be", but it took a monumental effort to move some of the necessary roadblocks to be where we are today. Out of that period of our lives, came a dedication to each other and an appreciation for what our love can endure, and for those things I am eternally grateful. To those who didn't understand the sacrifices, and still don't, I hope that someday you find a passion worth fighting for.

And to Michael, I love you yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Thank you for the times when you keep your mouth shut even when you don't want to, and thank you for the times when you open it and put something in perspective (even when I don't like it). Thank you for supporting me, when you agree with my decisions and even when you don't. Thank you for being the father you are to our children, and for the friend you will be in their future. Thank you for making mistakes and being a jerk sometimes, because it allows me permission to make mistakes and be a jerk sometimes. Three words, five phrases...every step of the way. Honey.....I think we jumped!!

And when I get irritable in the next few months while you're busy coaching football and get home late from practice and run out the door to work the next morning, and when I get downright bitchy after a game--Just know that I LOVE that you're coaching Grant's team. I enjoy watching you with the team, I enjoy watching the hours of effort you put into game plans and all that I see behind the scenes. I WANT you to coach--but trying to entertain two toddlers with enough snacks and juice to last a football game, without either of them falling off the bleachers, AND keeping up with the business and the house and all the other stuff we do, sometimes turns me into a grouch. Just give me a hug and a kiss, tell me you love me, and give me 30 minutes of peace and quiet, and I'll be ready for the next week of practices and games. :)

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