Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Fanatical for Football

The three males in my home are becoming aliens. Mike, the oldest "boy", is head-coaching Grant's football team this year. This is Grant's first year playing (ever) and its hard to tell who is more excited. Dane will be playing Junior High Football this year. Suddenly, our home is full of new literature (playbooks) and a whole new vocabulary like "20 power through the 3 hole" and "I-right formation". ???

Yesterday evening, I found myself at a Parent Meeting for Junior High Football players. The coach explained to us the risks of death and injury, and then we all smiled as the boys headed up to be fitted for helmets. Is it just me, or is there something wrong with this picture? Death and injury.........."Head on up, Son." ?????????

In any case, high school football was a small part of my upbringing. Days getting shorter......school starting.......cool evenings..........football games........leaves crunching. Its all part of autumn in my mind. But still......as the youngest of three daughters, I can honestly say that I didn't realize that I was missing part of the experience. Now, to my autumn experiences, I guess I will have to add to the list the fact that my husband and sons turn into aliens in cleats, and my laundry room becomes filled with grass-stained football pants and sweaty socks, and every conversation turns into a discussion on football. Ahhhh.........BOYS!!

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