Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bananas and cinnamon??!!??

Grant has always had strong food aversions. Early in life, he developed a skill that has come in rather handy--he attended a Day Care that required kids to "try" everything on their plate. After vomiting his entire lunch a couple of times following the tiniest bite of something he insisted he wouldn't like, he was exempted from this rule. He will still throw up if he eats something "nasty," which earned him a trip or two to the school nurse's office, until he finally convinced her that he really never was SICK........just disgusted by something at lunch that he ventured to try.

Oddly enough, the two food aversions that have really stuck with him are bananas and cinnamon. And I'm talking ANYTHING banana-flavored and ANYTHING with cinnamon. Banana bread, banana-flavored otter pops, cinnamon toast, cinnamon rolls, apple pies, you-name-it. To me and everyone else I know, these are both very WEIRD "food hates." Spinach.......sure. betcha. But bananas and cinnamon???!!!???

These days, he is old enough to throw it back in my face if I try to tease him about his food aversions. He just flashes me a grin and tells me that he will eat a cinnamon roll if I eat a bowl of macaroni-n-cheese first. YUCK!!!!! Or a slice of fresh tomato. EEEWWW!!!! maybe he gets the food thing from me. But I still think its weird not to like bananas or cinnamon.

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