Saturday, September 13, 2008

Friday night lights!

Our first home football game of the season was last night. The same as last week, the opposing team had twice as many players, and while we had some good plays, we were out-matched. Dane got a fair amount of playing time, which is never enough for his satisfaction. :) I thought about reminding him last night that we weren't sure if Raymond would have a team at all just a few months ago, but decided to keep my thoughts to myself for now. He is living in the moment and giving it his all, so the last thing that he wants to hear right now is that losing is better than not playing at all.
We had a brief moment in the stands last night that was a huge reminder as to why I adore my husband. A Raymond graduate was sitting in the Raymond cheering section with her parents, but had a son playing for the opposing team. I had been quietly gritting my teeth for more than a quarter, as I listened to her increasingly rude comments about Raymond's lack of skill and the vast superiority of her son's team. When it finally deteriorated to a point of, "Raymond SUCKS....," my dear husband turned around and informed her, "We have a son playing on that team and we don't really appreciate having to sit here and listen to you speak about them in that way." He was polite, but blunt. I almost stood up and threw my arms around him. She continued to cheer for her son's team, which we had no problem with, and stopped her bashing of Raymond. Way to go, Mike!!
And so, despite our second loss of the season, I'm proud of these boys. Off the field, they've overcome some very large obstacles. I had two unexpected meetings this week with two of the senior boys that I've never personally met before, and was shocked to be greeted in both instances with a broad smile and recognition as Dane's Mom. They both went out of their way to be courteous and friendly, which impressed me. Those things matter to this Mom. Go Raymond Seagulls!!!

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