Sunday, September 07, 2008

On to Week Two...

The first week of school flew by busily for us and its time to gear up for Week 2.

Tomorrow is another big day as Jennica joins the other three at school. She did this routine last year also........half days, Monday thru Thursday..........but this year, we are SO excited to have Miss Hailee as a teacher! Tiersten had her last year in 4-year-old preschool and she is a fantastic preschool teacher. Fully-certified, she teaches preschool by choice. She's the type of teacher that we would love to have more than once, so maybe we can convince her to bump up to a higher grade level in a year or two. :)

Tiersten's first week of Kindergarten was GREAT.........just ask her. She piled off the bus the first day, and didn't stop talking until bedtime, at which point she just about fell asleep standing up. Exhaustion is putting it mildly, but she rolls out of bed each morning at 6:00 rearing to go. :)

Grant started football practice last Monday, and discovered that perhaps he should have worked out a bit more over the summer. Considering that we suggested this repeatedly all summer long, he's not getting much sympathy. I know.......mean parents. After his second day of Junior High, he announced at dinner one night that Junior High is not much different than 6th grade. Yeah............whatever. :) Dane laughed.......and we just sort of nodded our heads.

As for Dane..........well........our school gives a brand-new laptop to each incoming freshman. Fully programmed with more than he will ever use. Wireless internet........the works. He will return this laptop next summer and the school will "clean it", update the programming, and give it back to him. This will recur each year until he graduates, at which point his laptop will cease existence, as they figure it will be outdated by then anyway. Pretty cool, huh? Many of his textbooks are online, and he has a required advanced computer class that he is going to love. He now has an email address, which I will share with those of you who wish to "bug" him. :) Also, Dane's first football game was Friday night. His coach is a little notorious for not letting freshman play at all, so Dane was delighted to see action in the first game!! He played a little in the third quarter, and most of the fourth quarter. They got beat badly, but least he got to play, right? He was also laughing because their quarterback came dashing along the sidelines yelling "Beeeeeeeeeeep.............." loudly enough that they could all hear him. And right in front of them, got absolutely levelled. So much for trying traffic signals..... :) While I know it wasn't great for the team to start with a solid loss, I have to say that I'm pleased so far with how high school football is going. Considering that, in June, we weren't sure if we would have enough kids to field a team, its nice to see them on the field. One game at a time........

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