Thursday, September 18, 2008

It takes a secure teenager-Version 2

Two years ago, I took a photo of Dane before his first Jr. High football game, wearing his game jersey and my cheerleading skirt from ump-teen years before. So..........not wanting Grant to feel left out, he got the same treatment last night. His first game is tonight and he will be starting at Safety and Wide Receiver. WAY TO GO, GRANT!!!!!

In any case, after 50 odd years of green-and-gold colors in our Junior High, and red-and-black in our High School, the school voted this past year to change our Junior High colors also to red and black. While this means that Grant has a brand-spanking new uniform in red and black, the effect in my cheerleading skirt (the old green and old) is not quite as much of an "ensemble" as it was for Dane a few years ago in his green and gold jersey. But still.......Grant, nice outfit!!! :)
Love you!

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