Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tending to Hair Affairs

After spending the entirety of my life with hair fashions that promoted waves, curls and body, and for a while, even BIG hair......I feel rather stupid that I have now purchased a hair straightener. My goal is now to have straight, flat, lifeless hair. Too funny!

My hair naturally has a lot of wave, and is pretty thick. For the most part, in my present life state, I don't have a heck of a lot of time or desire to spend on what my hair does or does not do. Many days, its wash and wear. On days where I have a little more time or have a function where my appearance feels a bit more important, its wash and blow dry. At some point in my future, I will probably spend more time on my hair. At the moment, the time just isn't there and I'm good with that! Other priorities top the list.

But last Friday, I got my hair cut and the girl straightened it when she styled it. It was a different look for me, and kind of fun. Also, Tiersten has a TON of very thick, wavy hair, and I thought it might be fun to occasionally try to tame it with a straightener. So.........purchase I did.

I have already tried it out, and even though the end result looks okay, it still feels funny. Flat, straight hair. I wonder how long this trend is going to last?

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