Friday, October 23, 2009

Checking out....

Mike and I are briefly checking out for a little while to attend a large SPD event. After a pretty-much-sucked sort of week........I'm looking forward to it. Nobody under 5 feet is welcome to attend, which is a "wahoo" moment for us. Thank the heavens above for whomever made this an adult-only event. This means that we don't have to drag little coats and shoes everywhere we go, don't have to buckle little bodies into carseats, don't have to have allergy-free snacks planned, don't have to try to eat out allergy-free, and don't have to listen to whining, complaining, need-to-go-the-bathroom, I'm-hungry issues all weekend. Other than MY whining, complaining.....yeah.

I'm looking forward to spending time with other SPD parents, researchers, and supporters! Since most of the attendees will be folks that have day-to-day contact with little SPD bodies, it will be fascinating to see if we can carry on conversations without constantly glancing around to see what they are touching, where they are climbing, and if they need some sort of fidget or chewy tool. Will we be capable of walking across a parking lot with adult-appropriate decorum? Or will there be bunny-hopping, monster-stomping, and other forms of proprioception outside just out of sheer habit? And imagine.........if there are automatic flushing toilets in the restrooms, there won't be any little SPD bodies to meltdown over this unimaginable horror. (A horror which almost all SPD children share, by the way. SPD parents pretty much all agree that automatic flushing toilets should be outlawed. If you disagree, I'm sure I can find plenty of parents willing to let you borrow their child for 15 minutes so you can experience what a meltdown feels/looks like up-close-and-personal in a 4 x 4 foot space. Its special. Nobody should miss out on it. me.)

But seriously.......I'm looking forward to meeting some of the folks that I know are scheduled to attend. Drs. Brock and Fernette Eide......Erik name a few. These people are doing positive things for Sensory Processing Disorder. It should be a great time to relax and share goals with people that are headed down the same road.

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