Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Grant........Idle for the 4th day

Grant is continuing to run brutally high fevers. Swine flu? Possibly. But whatever it is, he's camped on the couch for the 4th day in a row. All sense of luxury and laziness has worn off, and he's beginning to get mentally bored. Keep in mind........this is a very driven kid with a highly-active brain. Couch + movie + movie + movie = Weirdness. His brain is still going Mach 5, but the lack of input is similar to watching a hamster running on a wheel. Amusing.....in a sick sort of way.

The conversation, over the course of about four hours this morning, went something like this:

Grant: "You know......I wouldn't want to be employed by Darth Vader in a high-level position. You're likely to survive a lot longer as a stormtrooper than as one of Vader's second-in-command."
Me: Blank stare. He has a point.........but is he seriously contemplating this?

And 20 minutes later......
Grant: "Why would someone learn to speak Ewok? And how did a little kid (Anakin) manage to teach C3PO six million languages? I mean......c'mon........."
Me: "Maybe they downloaded the languages. From YouTube."
Grant: Laughing. (He actually thought this was a good answer!)

And an hour or so later......
Grant: "How come the Emperor didn't show up until the 6th movie?"
Me: "Who cares?"

And another 30 minutes later....
Grant: "The Rebellion really needs to work on hiding their bases better. I mean........they just barely got settled on Hoth and the Empire found them!"
Me: "Maybe you could work in that capacity for them. You know......scouting planets for potential bases after the next time the Empire blows them up."
Grant: "Nah. They won the war, remember? At the end of "Return of the Jedi." Besides, this was all a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away........"
Me: "Oh yeah." NOW he points on the "reality" of the conversation. How foolish of me.

Yep. Like a hamster running on a wheel. All the parts of his brain are still functioning, but he's not getting anywhere. Too funny.

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