Monday, June 14, 2010

And then there is the pickin'......

So.....over the weekend, I developed a "summer plan" of sorts for Jennica.  For the most part, it probably contains your average, typical goals of a child between kindergarten and first grade.  Cement the ABCs.....both recognition and phonic sounds.  Improve number recognition and patterning for math skills.  Strengthen handwriting skills.  Strengthen handwriting skills.  Strengthen handwriting skills.  You get the idea.....

And then there is the pickin'.  It ain't a pretty issue, but it also needs addressed.  I'm talking about perpetual wedgies.  Or skin irritations.  Or some other form of......something......that has my daughter digging constantly at her nether regions.  During toddlerhood, it is socially-acceptable.  In first grade, it is fodder just waiting for ridicule.  My daughter has enough issues to deal with already.  We don't need to add anything more. (Picture her at Age 30 lying on Ms. Psychologist's couch and talking about how she was permanently damaged by the classmates that teased her incessantly in first grade for constantly scratching her fanny.  UGH!  Let's not go there.......)

So this weekend, I bought some rather spendy version of organic, hypo-allergenic laundry detergent guaranteed to soothe the most sensitive skin.  I've ordered her some new undies, constructed of only the finest organic cotton.  Today, I bought some new organic everything-free body wash for her. 

And the clock is ticking.  If the pickin' doesn't improve.......we'll start talking gently about the social ramifications of the issue.  (I don't think she's probably even aware that she's doing it!)  But first, I thought we'd give her the benefit of the doubt and assume some honest irritation somewhere. 

Academic skill-building and pickin' remediation.  Those are my summer goals.  Ain't parenthood grand?

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