Friday, June 25, 2010

Random "boy stuff"

Being the youngest of three daughters, I am dumbstruck at times by the antics of my two sons.  Considering that they are now 15 and Almost-17, you would think that I would be used to them by now.  But nope.  They still have the ability to make me speechless.  Take these few examples from this week:

1) On Monday, I received two identical envelopes in the mail.  Addressed to the "Parents of......" so I naturally assumed that they were my boys' final grades for the school year.  Much to my surprise, they were instead form letters informing me that my sons' grades were being held.  Once their "fines" were paid, the school would release their report cards.  I also attended this school a bazillion years ago and had several of the same teachers.  I also paid their stupid book fines each spring, so I wasn't too worried about that part.  Several of our teachers delight in charging $1.00-$2.00 for the slightest dent/bump/whatever on a textbook.   If my children were responsible for defacing a textbook, or losing some piece of school property, there would be some ramifications.  But I didn't think that was the case.  But holding their report cards for ransom???  Seriously??  Today, I stopped by the school, paid their fines, and collected their report cards.  Dane actually owed money for Honor Society dues.  (Dues to belong to Honor Society?  So much for the honor.  That one is new since I was there, but whatever.)  They both ended up with 6 As and 1 A-.  I think I can live with a minor book fine with those grades.  I'm just glad that their grades reflect that they are USING their textbooks.  :)

2)  Despite the fact that we live in a rural area, we try pretty hard not to look like rednecks 'round here.  We don't have any broken household appliances in the front yard, all of our vehicles are fully operational....that sort of thing.  So when Mike brought home a tire this week, I frowned.  When he tied it to each boy and had them run around the front yard dragging it?  I about came unleashed!!!  And then he proceeded to "increase the weight" by having their little sisters sit on the tire while they ran around the yard dragging the tire!!!  Apparently, the point is to improve conditioning for football.  But isn't there somewhere they can do this where they won't be seen?  Or recognized?  Sheesh.

3) And lastly, my sons went water-skiing and wake-boarding today on their boat.  With no sign of the sun and only 64 degrees outside.  And then they griped about how cold it was.  Well.......duh.  They drove home in Dane's car with wet clothes and he has cloth seats.  Those still-wet seats are going to feel good tomorrow!  NOT!  Funny thing?  They bumped into my Dad on the river.  He was fishing......and they stopped to chat with Grandpa.  (At least he was smart enough to stay dry!)  Why would you go water-skiing in cold, overcast weather?  I don't have the answer. smart are you?  What was that GPA again? 

4) After a year of high school Spanish, Dane has started referring to me as "Madre".  The first time was funny.  The second time was still funny.  The 92nd time......let's just suffice it to say that its become annoying, which gives him even more reason to do it.  He going through a stage right now where annoying people is FUN.  And at almost 17, he's darn good at it!!  I try not to let him "get to me," but Madre?  Seriously?  Perhaps the best way to combat this would be to find an annoying-sounding name for "son" in another language.   Hmmmmmm......two can play this game.......Suggestions?

Boys!  :)

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