Monday, June 28, 2010

Imaginations gone wild

I had an overwhelmingly good day today--the kind that is keeping tears of relief and hope hovering very near the surface.  I will blog about it in the next few days--I promise--but right now I'm still processing and savoring the moment.  :)

But at dinnertime tonight, I had a great time in a different way.  Mike was gone to a meeting this evening, and the boys were away, so it was just "me and the girls."  I heated a frozen pizza for Tiersten and I, made Jennica one of her allergen-free pizzas (which she LOVES), the girls drank milk (soy milk for Jen) out of champagne flutes (a new thing they like to do after Jennica found them on a very top shelf on my kitchen counters last week), and we enjoyed some "girls-only" time. 

Somehow, we ended up on the topic of what they want to be when they grow up.  Tiersten reported she wants to be a veterinarian, a horse trainer, and a chef.  Jennica said she's going to be a lion tamer, a ballerina (interesting.....since she refused to take ballet lessons a year ago), and a chef.  And from there, the two of them just let their imaginations run!!  They decided that they are going to open a restaurant together and call it "Sisters".  Tiersten is going to cook the meal-type food, while Jennica is going to make only desserts.  Tiersten insisted that they will have a lot of gluten-free/dairy-free food, so that Jennica and "other kids like her" can eat there (This impressed me!  Thats pretty generous for a big sister that doesn't have any dietary restrictions and hasn't always been terribly thrilled about what Jen eats!  Very gracious of her!) 

I pretty much just sat there and let them plan!!  It is SO cool to hear them collaborating like this!  Tiersten is so strong-willed and....ummmm.......bossy that she doesn't always let Jen have much input.  And Jennica's SPD caused early challenges for her with imagination and conceptualizing.  Well, lemme tell ya.......They HAD IT tonight.  They've got their menu planned!!!  :)

I'm finding myself in uncharted territory.  I'm SO excited to hear this new level of "play" between my girls that I'm fighting an urge to go overboard.  I briefly considered making them a huge "restaurant sign" tonight after they went to bed......just to surprise them with tomorrow.  I want to encourage this type of play, but I also am aware that, for them, by morning they are likely going to be on to an entirely new adventure with their restaurant plans long forgotten.  Or not.  But either way, I need to butt out and let them be.  Sigh......  :)

Just fun to listen to.  "Sisters."  With some gluten-free/dairy-free food on the menu.  I think its got some serious potential.  Any investors?  :)

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Alysia said...

love those days that come out of nowhere and they play so nicely. In my house, it happens rarely, but when it does it is so so nice. congrats on your wonderful evening.