Friday, June 18, 2010

"Go Fish!"

I overheard this conversation between my girls yesterday morning.  Tiersten is neuro-typical, age 7, very bossy, and the "cruise director" in our family.  Jennica has SPD, age 6, and has perfect "little-sister radar" on making her bossy older sister crazy.  (I understand "little-sister radar" very well.  I'm a youngest sister, too.  Mwah-ha-ha!)

Playing "Go Fish" with a regular deck of cards:

Tiersten: Do you have any Kings?  Those are the ones with the "Ks" on them.
Jennica:  Well........yeah.  But it has a heart on it and I like hearts.  So I'm not giving it to you.
Tiersten:  You HAVE to give it to me.  Thats how the game is played.
Jennica:  But I don't want to.  Oh......Fine then. (Throws the card at Tiersten.) Do you have any with Js on them?
Tiersten:  Nope.
Jennica:  Me neither!  HA HA! 
Tiersten:  JENNICA!!!!  That's not how you play!!!

End of game.  :)

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