Sunday, June 06, 2010

The weekend that didn't go as planned

I was supposed to be spending this past weekend at high school graduation, and doing some random things around home, and maybe going shopping......and definitely going for a ride on Yodi. 

None of that happened.

Instead, I spent the weekend gutting the bathroom.  There is currently nothing in there except lighting (which is fairly new and wasn't damaged by our little "flood"), drywall, and subfloor.  Everything else is lying in a heap on the side of the driveway.  The re-construction is ready to begin.  We've made decisions on flooring, vanity, countertop, new toilet, new shower/tub, faucets.......Tomorrow I will call the flooring people to get that ball rolling, and call the electrician since we're going to move some switches while its torn apart. the middle of all this chaos.....I totally forgot that Jennica was going to likely need a little "extra" explanation at some point.  I felt really bad when she dissolved into tears as we sawed through and packed the existing tub/shower out in pieces.  I sat down and talked to her about what was happening and why, and she was fine after that.  But it was a good reminder for me that transitions are still tough for her.  Even when they are transitions that are unavoidable, or that you wouldn't think would bother her. 

Tiersten helped texture and put the first coat of new paint on the drywall today. She was messy, but she did pretty well!  Its going to need another coat of paint before the flooring folks arrive, but the second coat should go quickly.  I'm hoping that there are no hold-ups in this process and that all the people we need for installation will just be sitting around waiting to work around my schedule.  Right?  (Sure!)  A family of six sharing one bathroom sucks!  I'm trying to remind myself that the kitchen disaster was MUCH worse,(which it was), but this is no picnic either. 

I really would have rather spent my weekend at graduation.  :(

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