Monday, September 04, 2006

Grant's first football game

September 16th is Grant's first football game. Ever. He just turned 11, is heading into the fifth grade, and is playing for the Willapa Loggers this year.

On September 16th, they were scheduled to play Montesano in Shelton. The first big game of the season. However, that is not going to happen. You see, Grant's team has been invited to play at Husky Stadium instead. As in...University of Washington--Seattle--where the Seahawks played while Qwest Field was being built. They will be playing before the Husky game starts. They get to run through the tunnel and the whole works. WOW!!!

Mike, as you all know, is Grant's head coach. Knowing that Dane would be horribly jealous of his little brother's good fortune, he has assigned Dane to the "chain gang" for the afternoon to measure for yardage as needed. So Dane will also get to feel the roar of the crowd and the turf beneath his feet and be right on the sidelines, which is far better than viewing it from the stands. ('re the best.)

His VERY first football game ever in Husky Stadium? How do you go "up" from there? WOW!

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